Back to School

And just like that… back into the swing of another school year folks. We kicked it off with our annual, district-wide, health & wellness fair. Events with Sole race director, Brad Illing, presented us with this snazzy check for $5,000, which when put with money raised from our Spartan Stampede, and other champion fundraising efforts, makes it look more and more like we might just make it through another year. I always love a good fight! Illing put up five bucks for every entrant into the May 23rd half-marathon, 10k, and 5k. The town of Windsor and company, turned out 1000 runners. Howabout that for community spirit? Wait ’till 2011…

The Windsor Green Half-Marathon / 10k / 5k raised $5000 for Windsor Unified School District. Race Director, Brad Illing, just completed Ironman Coeur d’Alene on 6/27.

What else is going on? Well, here’s a list of some fun stuff…

  • Point Positive athlete, Chuck Potter, PR’d  today at Timberman 70.3. It’s lookin’ like that Pyrenees Multisport camp paid off! (Chuck’s idea). Lookout Ironman Arizona!!! Someone’s in the hunt for an Ironman PR (and it’s not just Coach B).
  • Point Positive athletes Nick Sandahl and Doug Wilson have both signed up for Ironman Coeur d’Alene. Hoo-Yaaa!
  • Point Positive athletes Jeff Ottoboni, Matt Gallo, and David Tett are in the running for CIM on December 5th. Matt (and hopefully Wilson) are Boston-bound in April!
  • Rod Matteri secretly longs for a return to IM Cd’A in 2011 dressed in full BORG regalia, replete with mask and cape.
  • Nick Sandahl will be running the Healdsburg Marathon on 10/10/10. Doug Wilson will be running the Silicon Valley Marathon on Halloween. Carlo Piscitello will be running his first Half-Marathon at the other Healdsburg Half-Marathon on 10/30.
  • Bob and Kevin both bonked on the group ride yesterday. That was swell. Garmin data
  • A tired Coach Bob has completed his first week of triathlon-specific training since 2007 >>> Training Log
  • Coach B has finally figured out how to use GarminConnect to display his Tahoe Rim Trail 100 data.
  • And last but not least, Bob did his first official TRX workout in the garage today. I found this great YouTube vid with USAT Coach Bob Seebohar (think Metabolic Efficiency), who provides 3 great TRX exercises specifically for triathletes. I did most of this but I have  a long way to go. Think about using TRX in your training this winter. OH the pain!!!


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