Hawaii Ironman – Pre-Race Jibber Jabber

Man o man, it’s no easy undertaking to step out of your life for a week. Naturally, it’ll totally be worth it come Saturday. Looking forward to getting out there and just racing my heart out and putting the ol’ exclamation point on a fantastic triathlon season.

Also, I’m excited to have my wife, Amanda, at my side for this one. She’ll be shooting out some updates through Facebook throughout the day. Be sure to check out ironmanlive.com on Saturday, 10/8. I believe my # is 1292, if I’m remembering correctly. I hear that universalsports.com will have live & FREE online coverage too.

We’ll be checking in with Clif Bar throughout the week as well, at the “Triathlounge” Should be a fun hang out, especially after the race.

On race day, I’ll be out there from 7am to about 4:30pm Kona-time (that’s 10am to 7:30pm west-coast time). So, check in to see if I was able to swim, bike, and run faster than these results from 2007:

Time is the limiting factor with triathlon training. Still, I know I’m in better shape than when I went out in ’07. I’m stronger all the way around with better nutrition and equipment. I’ve either lost fitness or I’m at a killer peak right now. Either way, it’s better to come in 10% under-trained than 1% over! We’ll see where I am toward the end of the bike. Moreover, we’ll see what the conditions on the island have to say.

Here’s what my training looks like lately (not much!) –

Final Three Weeks to Kona –

Week of 9/19 –

Mon – PM Run (:90)

Tue – AM Swim (4000)/ PM Ride (:90)

Wed – Rest Day

Thu – AM Swim (4000) / PM Ride (2:33/2700’/95deg)

Fri – Rest Day

Sat – AM Swim (3000) / PM Speed Brick-

Ride 1:48, avg T=64deg)(3 x :10 – avgs 25.7mph @ 157bpm)
Run :43, T= ~60deg (3 x 1mi – avgs 5:20pace @ 161bpm)

Sun, 9/25 – Swim (5000)

Week of 9/26 –

Mon – PM Ride (2:28/2800’/92deg)

Tue – AM Swim (4000)/ PM Ride (1:30)

Wed – AM Rest / PM Speed Brick-

Ride 1:50, avg T=91deg (3 x :08 – avgs 26.5mph @ 155bpm)
Run :43, T= ~85deg (3 x 0.5mi – avgs 5:02pace @ 155bpm)

Thu – Rest Day

Fri – AM Swim (1000)

Sat – AM Open-water Swim (:20), Bike (1:20), Run (:20)

Sun – Rest Day

Race Week –

Mon – PM Swim (3000)

Tue – AM Travel / PM open-water Swim (:45)

Wed – AM open-water Swim (:45) / PM Ride (:90)

Thu – Rest Day

Fri – AM Swim (:20), Ride (:30), Run (:10)

Sat – RACE!

Sun – Recovery

Thanks so much for following along. I do appreciate any and all the support I can get. Aloha and mahalo!!

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