Sunday Reading: Nourishing Connections

Hi there,

Over the last year of the pandemic, I’ve grown increasingly grateful for the escape that training provides. In this regard, and as a group, we’re pretty lucky to have something that so effectively encourages a true “work-life” balance. In a way, it’s our super-power.

Here’s a thought provoking excerpt from an article I read this morning (article link below):

“Odell’s logic suggests that to prevent work from invading the time in which we are not paid to do it, we must be intentional about what we do in our leisure time. So instead of scrolling listlessly through Facebook and Twitter and Instagram in search of frictionless connection with other people, we can join mutual aid groups and form genuine bonds with our actual neighbors, in person. Instead of passively accepting whatever entertainment our screens offer us while we plug away at off-hours work, we can become interested in the natural landscape all around us, in the weeds that sprout up from the cracks of our sidewalks and the birds that nest on our telephone wires. And this shift in attention, Odell argues, will allow us the time and space to form richer, more nourishing connections with the world in which we live.”

From article entitled, “The Uneasy Intimacy of Work in a Pandemic Year”


1 thought on “Sunday Reading: Nourishing Connections

  1. Great article & cool reminders! I like this phrasing.. ” boycotting the attention economy by withholding attention”. I always train w/ music, but use an ipod shuffle, or if I’m using my phone, have it in airplane mode – I don’t need notifications when enjoying the dirt to interrupt my escape!

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