High Energy

One of the funny things about life is that the busier I get, the more I seem to enjoy it, or the challenge of keeping pace with it. There’s a point of diminishing returns though, as with all things. Doesn’t it all come down to one thing? —> Balance. Balanced living surely optimizes your quality of life. And when quality of life is high, the quality and enjoyment of your training is equally high. I hope that you enjoy your training this week. Have fun out there!   😀
Heading up to Lake Sonoma on Saturday morning.


A famous intersection in Sonoma County cycling circles.
Please check out this new product I just tried out for the first time yesterday on a long ride. No more messy gel wrappers! Available at Echelon Cycle & Multisport.

coach bob’s training log for week of August 23rd
>>>   POINT POSITIVE!   <<<

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